Metal meets Worship, WOLVES AT THE GATE


If there is a band that makes me feel close to God,Wolves at the Gate.


This metal band is able to create worship worth lyrics based on Bibilical quotations and turn it to aggressive form of praise. What I mean is that,if the song were slower,they could be used for worship in church.
With only two albums released(Captors in 2011 and VxV in 2014) and several other EPs,this band always gives me the right satisfaction.
The blending of the two lead vocalists is AWESOME!(Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire is the best,sorry guys)

The songs I would recommend: Return,Relief and East to West.


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Lana Del Rey-Queen of Sadcore

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If u hate Lana Del Rey,u r a suc ker ! If you love sad music,this is the bombshell to look for! Despite her not being mainstream nor recieving any Grammy(Eff u grammys),I adore the lady. Her albums:Born to Die,Honeymoon … Continue reading

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Red,the band

Lemme start by saying,this is not Taylor Swifts album at all.
Its a Christian band.


This band is capable of blending alternative metal,hard rock and post grunge. This band goes back to 2006,when they released their first single,”Breathe into me” which was in their first album End of Silence.
Michael Barnes,lead vocalist
Armstrong twins,on guitars they have gotten to release 5 albums(End of Silence,Innocence & Instinct,Of Beauty and Rage,Release the Panic, Until we have faces)
The reason I love this band,its because its not a typical Christian band. They can sing or scream,and still maintain their unique mes





I would recommend you start with End of Silence,asap!

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This band is just awesome. Its Christian by the way and thats why I love it.
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Why I Love August Burns Red

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One of the metalcore bands in the world,with my favourite albums being The Leveler,Rescue& Re store and Found in Faf Away places. Despite them avoiding clean vocals,their sound is awesome.

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This Is Not A Drill:CHARLIE,ECHO,DELTA,blue


If you havent watched this 2015 version of JURASSIC PARK,you are a FOOL!
Best SCI-fi movie of 2015,yet,after MAD MAX obviously.
Frm Chris Pratt to Bryce Dallas Howard( I just realized she wasnot Jessica Chastain,Damn redheads)
Awesome visual effects,stunts and almost a nice script.
This is a film that you could with your whole family.
Btw the guy frm LAW & ORDER and DareDevil is here,some Vincent guy i think.

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If u watched the PITCH PERFECT (PART 1) you will definetly  dont wanna watch this sequel.
Its simply a waste of your time.
You could just buy yourslf the soundtrack and enjoy yourself.
Fat Amy is the only reason i chose to waste my time on the movie.
Plus,PENTATONICS are in the film!
I also loved the rival crew that were fighting the Bellarinas. Oops I forgot their name,but its a German grp or sth.
The worst part of the film is its script!
Forced stereotypical kinda jokes rule out the film.

This film totally destorted the legacy it had made when it was a slipper hit back in 2012.
I still love u Anna Kendrick and crush on Adam Devine.

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